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Basic Lithium Polymer Battery Guidelines

If you are unclear about any of the information presented here, please contact us PRIOR to charging or discharging these batteries.

By purchasing this battery, the buyer assumes all risks associated with lithium batteries. We assume no liability for failure to comply with these warnings and safety guidelines.

Lithium Polymer batteries are volatile and can be very dangerous if mis-handled, stored, charged or discharged improperly. Failure to read and follow these instructions may result in fire, personal injury, and damage to property

Store below 80F and above 40F whenever possible (not in direct sunlight). Never store or charge a battery pack inside your car in extreme temperatures (100 F and above), since extreme temperature could cause fire. Use caution to avoid puncture of the cells. Puncture of cells may cause fire.

Charge before using. Use only chargers made specifically for lithium polymer batteries. Before the first charge, check for damage to the connectors, wire leads or any other abnormality. Please check the voltage of your pack. Packs are shipped from the factory at the following voltages: Never charge Lithium Polymer batteries unattended.

2 cell packs – 7.6 volts +/- .5 volt

3 cell packs – 11.4 volts +/- .5 volt

4 cell packs – 15.2 volts +/- .5 volt

5 cell packs – 19.0 volts +/- .5 volt

You must select the charge rate current that does not exceed 1C (one time the capacity of the battery, unless otherwise noted). A higher setting may cause fire. This chart is calculated at 1x capacity of pack. Generally speaking, charging at even lower rates will extend battery life.

800 mAh: Charge at or below 800mA

1500 mAh: Charge at or below 1.5 Amps

6000 mAh: Charge at or below 6.0 Amps

If at any time you witness a battery starting to balloon or swell up, discontinue the charging process immediately. Disconnect the battery and observe it in a safe place for approximately 15 minutes. Continuing to charge a battery that has begun to swell may result in fire.

What charger should I get?

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